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How Many Bones are in the Human Body?

How Many Bones Are in the Body?

We don't need to consult Einstein in order to understand that without the bones, we are all a bag of meat. And just as you may have known, it's because of the fact that bone make up the human skeletal system that makes the skeleton to be referred to as the framework of the body.

As a result of the fact that the normal human eyes doesn't see beyond the outer skin, one could be deceived into thinking that the number of bones in the body cannot be possibly up to 50.

But that's very far from being right. With the aid of sophisticated scientific machines, anatomists have discovered that the common number of bones in the body is 206. Why did I use the word "common" for that?
Well, let's say that some people have more bones than others. This phenomenon is a function of the age and the lifestyle of the individual involved. For instance, it has been discovered that babies have about 270 bones at birth. However, as they become older …